Trying to get

the light to stabilize,

smooth out

its insane flicker.

Ease its only


take its pain away.





I’m a monkey

in a cage.

Shoot me into space.

I’m only

a few million miles away

and closing in.


Comfort this,

an only feeling.

Child left

and begging for



savage beatings,

thus completing

the circle of idiots.



little candle,

I will hold you,

keep you near me.

I’m your savior,

and your parent.

I’m your victim,

and your jealous murderer.


‘Round and ‘round

in this unending spiral.

Your light is magnificent,

showing me such wonders,

but the end it inevitable;

that singularity.

Either you will burn me,

or I will smother you.


Just a little

give and take.

Maybe I’m hypnotized by

your chaotic rhythms.

Now here’s something inside

I want to let out.

Get out.

Hold on,

until the day again.

One more strike against me.

My ending is

cut by strobes.

HG – 2019

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