The Martyr

I don’t


ever seeing

you happy.

Not like

you could have been,

you just denied yourself.


All of

those little wounds

added up on you

after time

and you bled out.

Oh, you

just faded away.


Don’t act

like you don’t owe

an apology

of two.


into a rare

cult of individuals.


I swear,

you couldn’t hide

your contrarian view,

not even

long enough

for us to help you.


You suffer in silence

while the rest of us


in concert

with you.

No one is coming

to beg you.


It’s obvious this is just

the thing you use

to draw us in,

hold us down,

and make us clean

your wounds.


How does it feel

to know silence

surrounds you now?

It’s all you

ever really wanted.

So that

is what

we are giving you.

Martyr to your solitude.



HG – 2019

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