Asleep on a Train


Struggling up

from a down-low dream.

Rolling in the riptide,

breaking up with the pressure

of a cold embrace.

Meeting no resistance.

A gasp for breath

under an alien sky.

Some of us

go down for so long

we don’t know

the world when we resurface.

Some of us come up

in a different world

and don’t even notice.

Everyone who wakes,

is in a different state.

There’s never two the same.

A different space

in the universe.

Standing where no person

has stood before,

one step from here

to the unknown.

Awoke from that last dream,

didn’t you?

Came up from the bottom

to check the view.

Nothing stays the same.

Caught up in

the current push and pull.

The hands that won’t let go.

That feeling we all know

so well.

Faces just an inch

from the surface, and

we feel the panic setting in.

Fight the fight,

when you can’t run,

can’t even throw a punch.

Ensnared in a tangled nightmare,


as you wake.

Do you know what state,

what place,

you are in?

Never going to see this place again.

Are we still where we began?

Back to the ocean

and dream,

and wake.

You are inter-dimensional.



You are so impossible.



There is so much to know of you


the deep,

the deepest parts of you.


are an inner,

outer space


World builder.

Age destroyer.

Star born,

child of God.




And wake up, now.



DJR – 2019­­

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