Tile Mosaic

Behind all that noise

the sound of nothing.

Why must it be

oh, so deafening?

Drowning out the sounds

of my own insanity.

I used to hear the sky sing,

now there’s this mad cacophony.


I’m ready to die again.

Take me up again.

Lay me down

and let me go on.


a butterfly inside,

turning into nothing for a while,

go to pieces and then

come back together

with a smile.


You’ve got to know

that it’s okay

to break

from time to time.

See my scars;

I’ll show you

what it’s like

to be alive

after everything.


There’s nothing more beautiful

than someone who has come

back from the other side.

They leave

all the best parts

of themselves



Kind of like being born

with your heart on the outside;


absolutely nothing to hide.


So I,

am going on from here.


into the morning sky.

Planning my

ultimate demise.

A spectacular

end to this line.


Onward, higher

and good-bye.

You truly fall to rise.

So much of me needs to die.

See you on the other side.



HG – 2019

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