The Weight of Time and Place

like looking through
a glass of water,
obscures the view,
contaminates the present.
In a few minutes,
we’re gonna reach out forward
into a place
that we surmise.

All these things
we left behind
are now retrograde,
unhelpful, too.
what we thought was useful
in the future, too,
like what was behind.

All of the
are useless now,
but only valued
in the present time.
The future holds
the next breath,
the next step;
it’s what we’re clinging to.

Time is a fine line,
never quite arrow straight,
but unrelenting,
or maybe a wave;
constant obliterate.
An angular return.

No hope here,
just memories
I don’t quite have
and a future
under the weight
of time and place
and I
don’t have a clue.
Standing in the present,
insular and impotent, too.

Maybe if I do
this one thing,
I can change the outcome.
Holy shit.
It works.
It changes
Turns out
I was in control
of something
this whole time.
This is everything.
HG – 2019

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