Last Light

What shining light
fills the valley,
golden bright
and gleaming?
Around the bend
the Sun sits low,
bursting in radiance.
Gilding the world,
as she lays down
upon the still waters
of the Pacific.

A moment where
all things
and everything,
shone like rare,
precious gold.
Then gone again,
just like you,
when you went away
and would not return.

I called aloud
and ran after you,
but where you were,
I could not follow.
You were golden
one day,
the next day

Do we forget
the Sun at night?
I think,
we need to be reminded
that the night is here,
but it will not stay.
Even the darkest ones
have to come
to an end.

Then the day comes
and with each new dawn,
the chance
that we will watch it play
out across the sky.
Until it too,
sets ablaze
the very air.

like a Sun refrain.
Light on my face,
watching the valley
run its lazy way
down to the shore.
Lit with golden light.
It’s all I have left of you.
The light at the end of the day.

HG – 2019

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