Breaking The Boundary

I’m not who I think I am,
first sketch of a diagram,
flower that’s unfolding still,
first stirring of a will.

I have held a simple form,
calculated by the norm,
but behind these closed doors,
I’ve been feeling something more.

Days that fade away are gone.
I’m awake before the dawn.
Picking away at my skin,
trying to see what’s within.

Let it out.
through fire.
A memory of what we were,
a lost desire.
A state of place and maybe
a place in mind.
Something more
than what we’ve been assigned.

Breaking the boundary.

You’re not who you think you are,
not just dust from yonder stars.
Puzzle that’s yet to be solved.
All that and nothing at all.

You’re a secret from yourself,
you’re a book up on a shelf.
Never been opened before,
inside you there’s something more.

In your deepest DNA,
waiting until the day
you find the strength to break yourself
and you’ll become someone else.

The funny thing
is that the key
is already in you.
All you have to do
is push on through
the veil they’ve placed
over your face
to cover up your eyes.
It’s time to take off
your disguise.

Breaking the boundary.

I know
you know
there’s more
than this.
I know
you know
how to do it.

One day,
one hour,
one moment,
one voice.
is a choice.

I don’t have to tell you
to block out all the distractions.
You already know
just what to do,
but you ignore the attitude
that would improve
your point of view.

You’d rather pander to your own
insecure, neurotic habits.
Your life is out there,
you can have it.
Do what you’re supposed to do.
Do what you are meant to do.
What you really are
comes through.
You have to die
to be renewed.

Come with me.

Breaking the boundary.

HG – 2019

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