Bad Supplements

Supplement quality
with equality,
with prosperity,
with a dull clarity,
with a half share.
over community.
over fluency.
Brutal misuse
of our currency.
slaves made by the day,

Debt of a social conscience,
consciously unconscious.
Lost in the false promise
that power can change all this.
And love is a lie,
and truth is disguised,
and meaning can be bought.
We’re taught wrong and it’s not
an accident.
So tragically prevalent.
Machiavellian intelligence.

Hands up in surrender.
Hands down in the Earth.
Trading our now for forever,
trying to drown out the hurt.
Broken morals,
broken homes are normal.
Broken bones
can’t afford doctors,
so we grow deformed.
To society’s horror,
we try to force discourse.
Disproportional populations
left with no recourse.

Of course,
the mind is fed by a new source.
Starving for bread,
there’s no meat left,
so we eat our dead.
Clickbait information,
Russian roulette for your head.

Ask me, “What’s positive?”
The same things
that have always been tried.
The good stayed the same,
while the evil multiplied
and all of the lies
are supposed to supplement my reality.
I’m not buying it.
It’s all coming clear to me.

HG – 2019

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