She is the one
fighting back tears tonight.
The angels have sung
and there’s no sun
gonna come.
The grey grows old
and the twilight way
rolls on and on,
but it never stops for her;
she’s on her own.

Left a past,
long past breaking,
just a few days ago.
Early days betrayed
by every heart
and every ego.
So much for shining armor
and salutation awakenings.
The only kiss
she ever knew
was from the dog that bit her.

Isn’t life so cruel,
as to hold back
that loving thing?
The one the one the banishes the night
and sets the world on fire.
So there are no answers
to questions choked
from tepid lovers.
No recompense
to draw
upon the strength
her mother gave her.

These grey skies
make for grey walls,
but such a stark condition
when compared
to all the stories told
to trick a person.
She’s gonna keep
holding on.
She’s gonna
see it through,
until the dawn comes.
Not because
of noble spirit,
but she just don’t want
to let go.
Even these grey moments
are hers.

HG – 2019

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