The Healing Kind

I’ve never been
the healing kind.
Don’t come to me
with your wounds,
I can’t close them up.
I can’t set the bones.
I’ve got problems of my own.
Leave me alone.

I’ve never been
the forgiving kind.
I’ll walk away,
pay you no mind.
In a little while
I’ll be out of sight
and I promise
you’ll get on alright.

It’s just
another way
I’ve been a lie.
Let you want me
to be what I never was,
but I could be
in your mind.
I guess all I can do
is apologize.

I’ve never been
the staying kind.
Even though I tried,
I wander where my mind
takes me away
and I’m mostly
empty inside,
so don’t cry.
I was just a lie.

I know I’m
the breaking kind.
So quick to give away
what isn’t mine.
So, now I’m gone
and you’re doing alright
without this void in your life.

You thought I was,
but I’m not
the healing kind.

HG – 2019

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