It always comes down to trust

coming down is like gravity.

Broken as words we must

speak with our own proclivity.

Walking away returns

and running only circles us faster.

In time with the beating Sun,

the heart and the skin

touch and remember.


We were once fire and bone.

We came up to the end together,

both so willing to go

and sacrifice the other,

so we





Trust is a lash that binds.

Trust is a thought

to seek and catch you

up in the air tonight

and let you down

on rocks below you.


The only way to the sky,

but we degrade

with each ascending.

Hold me down;

don’t let me fly.

I can’t survive

another landing.


Trust is a rope above.

Enough to get us

up to Heaven,

but see how many

are hung

up along

its length

on purpose.


Trust is the space between

where we are

and where we started.

Just like gravity.

Way up there

the ground still beckons us
























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