An Honest Man

He learns how to swing a fist,

learns how to lose,

and get back up again.

He learns how to kiss,

loses even more,

and keeps on loving.


Learns how to stand

and fall.

Learns how to drive

and crash.

Learns how to gain

and watch it all go away,

quicker than it came.


Learns that only time matters.

Learns that only honesty matters.

Learns that good things

only come

from good things

and that the returns are small,

but always worthwhile.

Always lasting.


He learns that the good ones

always die first.

He learns that if you love something,

then you have to protect it.

He learns that his life,

is a part of many others,

and he’s gotta do well,

or he’ll be a burden on them.


He learns his time is short.

He learns that what he does,


He learns that pain

is a debt best paid in full,

because it’s coming;



He is a child

and then,

he is a man.

His place

under the high, blue sky

is his to choose.

Who he is

under the deep, black night,

in the company of all the starts,

that’s his choice too.


He learns to find himself,


in between the dirt

and the heavens.

I hope he finds


as an honest man.


HG – 2019

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