a dream,

a touch,

a scream.


My heart,

my mind,

your hands,

your spine.


Our eyes,

our lips,

the sweat,

the kiss.


Those words,

those thoughts,

so close,

so lost.


I can feel it going down again.

Wherever you are,

wherever I am.

Moving in you.

Moving in me.

Maybe it’s just a dream

that I see,

maybe something more.


Not sure,

I’m afraid;

I might be terrified.

Reach out to see

if this is real.

It falls before my eyes,

or it steps on through to me.

I don’t think I can abide

this kind of lucid dream.

Losing my mind.



at night,

at home,

a light.


No face,

no fight.

No place

to hide.


The past,

the draw,

the last,

the flaw.



for some,

for me,

for one.


Praying tomorrow comes.


HG – 2019

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