Ghost Imperative (Old Friends)

Here we go

down again.

Used to go with my friends.

Time went on,

now we’re all dead.

So much for what we did.

So many words left unsaid.

No more breath to give.

Ghost imperative.

We move in memory,

like sins we can’t forgive.


Lived high;

yeah, we made our miles

inside a couple thousand lines

and turned a blind eye.

Never knew,

never wanted to.

Can’t turn a head

that’s glued to an afternoon.

Replaced grace with a spoon.


Oh, the dreams we chased

were never ours,

but we bought in

with every, single dollar.

Damned souls,

now we don’t know

if it’s ours,

but there’s enough to go around.


Dirt made days

of each of us.

Can’t explain

what the meaning was.

So we lay down

beneath the stars,

pray for rain

to come clean our scars.


Maybe we

lost our way,

not because we strayed.

Maybe we

lost our minds,

trying to get it right.

I don’t know,

I can’t say.

I’ve already moved on

and gone away.


I’ll say this,

it’s a shame

that always seems

to go down this way.

That’s why I’m

trying to change,

but I’ll never make up

for my mistakes.


HG – 2019

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