Home For an Angel

Veins draw blood

back to my heart,

my heart displaced,

never found a home.

I met you

when I was dead and cold.

A monster then,

animated by demons.


I dragged you down.


an angel.

Oh, how I broke your wings.

I fed you blood and fire

until you were

as dead and cold as I was.

Never felt a thing.


Linked through our common suffering,

we travelled,

through trial and travail,

until one day

I heard a sound.

It might have been

a trumped call,

it might have been

nothing at all,

but it woke me,

or at least

woke something in me.


Eyes opened,

cracked and blackened.

Failed lungs drew breath.

Atrophied and desiccated body


from a grave,

and the mind,

it found clear water.

Something new,


and uncorrupted.


I looked up and there was a light

and from that light,

a path.

I shook you,

woke you,

showed you,

but you did not believe

that there was another way

to Heaven,

since I broke your wings.


I cried,

seeing all my hate in shadow,

and I turned from it,

and I picked you up.

On limbs

that had been wasted a lifetime,

I carried you

towards the light.


The path is narrow,

but we have moved along it.

You are awake now,

and stronger than before.

I see new feathers

on your wings

and you can move them again,

but it is still painful.


I feel more whole

and more alive,

but I don’t care.

All that is in my mind

is the path

and the purpose.

Everything else disappears

when I think of you.


Wings whole

and healed from all

that this world has done to you.

What I have done.



we go.

Step by step.


HG – 2019

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