A Yielding of The Soul

Cutting in,

find a way to

be careful.

It’s not easy.

A steady hand,

a sharpened blade,

and an indescribable


for living.


It’s closing in;

the day

that all these little, soft things

will perish.


You’re losing it.

Can’t hold on to

this figurine

of decency.

It wasn’t real from the beginning.

Born and raised you

a believer.

Tough to learn

that it isn’t so.

Lies so deep,

a world so shallow.

Turn to harvesting

yourself to sow;

a yielding of the soul.



seems so fucking simple.

Complicated on a whim.

Come and go,

like sun and shadows.

Full of knives

who we let in.

Faulted deep

by our own wounding.


shame and joy.

Cut out one

and out comes the other.

Got to be careful;

a life is not a toy.


Cutting in,

cutting down,

every hole is just

a place where you have found

something weak

and undesirable.

Put the knife down.


We are all made of scars.

So it is below.

Sold a world so deep,

I can see you were

so disappointed,

it is all so shallow.


HG – 2019

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