Pulling it all together, now.

Hold on.

Get a grip,

because your life depends on it.



Take it in.

Let it out, slow.



better check the tension.

Kind of feels high

on one of the lines,

so let a little slack out.


…not too much, now.


Keep it all together.

Can’t let things get squirrely.

Too much room

and it’s all gonna break out;

spread wild

all over hell’s half acre.

Try pulling it all back in

and putting it back in line

after all that.



Remember those days?

Couldn’t find a reason

to eat,

or sleep,

or wake.

Just chaos.

Pure Hell.

Yeah, that used to be home.

Destructive stuff.

Wish I’d known better then

and maybe I did.

Maybe I just had to pay the devil

for my father’s sins

and make a small down payment

on my own.


Easy now…

… tighten that shit up.

See how it’s trying to wander?


don’t let it do that.

Eyes up,

on the horizon.

Back straight,

shoulders back.

This is why we train;

so we at least have a fighting chance

of pulling it together

and holding on

for dear life.


HG – 2019

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