Day of The Gun

The day has come

to sell my gun,

but before it’s done,

I’ll get another one,

because the minds of men

are dark again

and their hearts are cold,

that’s just how they roll.

The winter still comes

and the wind still blows

across this barren land

that no one understands.


Used to be

you could feel safe on the plains,

at home in the hills,

only feel the rain,

but never knew fear

like they do these days;

afraid of the gun,

and the sky,

and the Sun.

The world won’t stop

’til the world is done.


Fear is meant

to control men,

and then

the king enslaves them.

That’s why

the only thing that saves ’em

is what’s Most High.

Eye to the sky,


or some other hue,

never pass by.

When you’re free

you face fear all the time.

Don’t get caught in the lie.


It ain’t a fair trade,

no money worth a life;

give worth to your sacrifice.

The force is not in the gun,

but in the heart of the man

that wields it.

These days it’s harder to feel it,

until you’re out in the world,

under the stars,

away from the cars,

with no bars.

Just you and the land

and a whole world,

no fear,

sky so clear.


Gun in my hand,

because the world is dangerous,

but I’m not afraid of it.

It’s where I come from.

This dirt,

this air,

those stars.

Never fear existence,

put distance

between you

and the roar

of the crowds,

and the screens,

and the memes.


All this was here long before

and it’ll be around long after

it’s all ashes to ashes

and even those stars will die,

but while we’re here

we can fight to stay alive.

That’s what the gun is for;

to survive.

To stay alive.

Live without fear

out here

on a clear night,

counting the stars.

It is who we are.


HG – 2019

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