Step down,

into the land

and feel the soul of the Earth

alive beneath your feet.

Slip into frigid waters,

clear as your first birthed vision

and let the true nature of the universe

penetrate your being.


Neither alive,

nor dead,

or even in between.

A ghost,

a revenant,

a divine spiritual frequency


through everything.


There is nothing behind us,

nothing before us.

There is only the vast, infinite NOW;

ever present.

All else draws from it,

it is the timeless instant.

The place we are,

where we are from,

where we are going.


Only in the rift

can we freely see

that all time has been a lie.

Every declaration

of forward

and reverse

has been a fabrication.


We are in it now.

There is no tomorrow.

There is no yesterday.

There is only this,

long singular moment,

that ends

with the conclusion of the universe.


We are but one breath in a day.

One thought in a feeling.

One sensation in an experience

and then we move on.

We never were here,

we were always everywhere

all the time

and nowhere.


Lay back on the cool grass.

Feel the night air on your skin

and drink it deep

into your lungs.

Look up,

way up

and realize

that there is no “up” at all.

Just you


in this moment.



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