The Hunger


isn’t what it used to be.


isn’t what it once was.

I’ve been

standing in the window,

lingering in daydreams,

creeping from my shadow.


open and clear enough

to hear the words


As they leave my lips

I know they are wrong,

but I can’t draw them back;

not now.


All the way

in again.

Deliberate in stroke.

No delay.


I find another road.


 is the space

between me and the stars.

A bridge to make,

a leap of Faith,

I put my foot out

and step forward.

One of two things

can happen here,

either I fly,

or I float.



or life ending;

I’m trading the unknown

for all I’ve ever been.

Crazy in


I can’t believe all my wounds.


until they draw blades,

and I am forced to run.


my way of all

those who’ve gone before.


No easy way.

Even the dangers change.

The hunger lives.


HG – 2019

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