Dream Sea

Taken from my blissful slumber,

cast amongst the stones,

jagged, sharp,

in their geometry,

ringing a long and distant shore.

Smashed upon the dawn, or darkness,

I and my craft go to pieces.

Food for the sea,

bones for certain,

along a forgotten, skeletal reef.


Light steals in upon the day,

slaking the thirst of darkness.

and it warms us,


only for a minute,

before sneaking off the stage again.


Purpose driven,

eyes lift skyward.

Stars are brilliant compensation

for one who toils,

when the sky is blue and clear.

The wreckage

on the seawall

speaks testament

to the men and women

whose course met such an end.


Shaking off the frigid water,

standing on a new day’s shore.

will have me ready

to set out again

on the Dream Sea.


Go boldly,

and make no mistake,

that the day may take you ,

and the night,

it will reject you.

Until that time

when sea comes calling

to take you

on the still waters,

to the land beyond sleep.


The day comes

and I pick myself in pieces

off the rocks

and put myself together

in the storm,


that I will one day sail

away from this

dangerous shore

and never

wake upon it



HG – 2019

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