What am I hiding?

What do I fear?

Everything’s easy,

nothing is real.

The world is an eggshell

under my heel.

I’m naked and empty,

my weakness revealed.


I’m nothing and no one.

All of my designs

all fade in the daylight

and change in the night

to monsters and demons

that give no respite.

Cut off one head

and two more arise.


No rest for the wicked.

No alms for the poor.

No window escape plan.

No hidden door.

The way out is plainly

something much more

the conclusion is obvious;

this ends in a war.


I know I know nothing.

I better learn quick.

The water is rising.

The quagmire thick.

The enemy’s coming,

it’s time to make plans,

better learn how to wrestle

and work with my hands.


The sky is still up there,

the fire below

and in between endless

human life still unfolds.

I’m giving up Easy,

sacrificing my gold,

for why gain the whole world

just to lose my soul?


I’ll leave as I came here,

helpless and cold,

alone and afraid,

but at least I’ll know,

that I made the mistakes

that were mine to commit

and did my best, always

and I never quit.
























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