Watching you fade,

watching you waver,

roll and stumble.

I can’t prevent

this collision

I see coming.


Wish I could end

your pain

and all

your suffering,

but I can’t pretend I’m a hero,

or a doctor.


I’m just barely your friend

and between you and me

I’m not all that together.

If it seems I am,

you’ve been fooled

by my outward demeanor.


Try as I might,

I can’t drag you

into the weary present.

We’re all alive,

here in the moment.

Join us at your leisure.


Letting the past

erode you.

Letting the future

confound you.

Hiding from your current


means that you miss

your chance to fix it.


Hear me out;

this is why I fucking hate


Yesterday’s gone,

let it go on.

We can be

anything we want.

The past can’t define you,

or enslave you.

The future’s just something

to contend with.

All of your hopes and dreams

are now.

Right now.

Right now.

Right now.

Yesterday is gone

and fuck tomorrow.


HG – 2018

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