The Dream Mountains

Mind is shut,


and over the line again.

Can’t let this go;

not a place

I’m remembering,


something unknown.


as if a dream

I’ve seen

over and over.


A high place.

A great escape.

The mountains call me home,

but somewhere

I have never been,

peaks I’ve never known.

Away from the familiar plain,

so peaceful and so cold.


to all but sky,

I come apart in slow.

Pull me back together.


High in the air,



You’ll find me there,

if not now,

then when I disappear.

You’ll know me

by how I move the trees.

My face

is blue-grey slate,

a cliff side,

sun exposed.


Find me

in the in-between.

Light through the limbs

of the trees.

Lay with me,

soft forest floor.

Home to all

who seek.

I have

such memories,

that may not be mine.

Hold them,

keep them safe

and bring them back


to where my spirit goes.


HG – 2019

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