Bad Tenacious

We argue about

holding on

and letting go.

when to meander long,

when to stop short.

I know that you see the same things

through more beautiful eyes

and in a different way

than I might realize.


I was a little boy

when I was made this way,

did all I could to change,

gave all my rules away.

Tried to move on and found

I was still holding on,

feet nailed to the ground,

dancing to the song

and getting it


and getting it


In spite of this


I’m still hanging


with my one good hand,

the other one



by an angry world.

Held on for too long.


Letting you go

was the smartest thing

I ever did.

Now you orbit

closer to me

then if I

had kept my grip.

One day I’ll let

this other hand go

and we can float away

in the unknown.

Until then,

we better hang on tight

to each other.


Whether we’re creating order,

or righting chaos on our borders,

think one way

and go another,

so confusing for this soldier.

Same thing done over and over,

cyclical mental disorder.

Good-bye neurotic perceptions,

childish infatuations,

eschew every signalled virtue,

displace this procrastination.


I’m alive

and you’re a widow,

as long as I hold my grip.

I love you so much

and I smile

as I feel

my fingers slip.


HG – 2019

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