Bones and Ashes

Mark the time.


leaving forever, now.

Open and wide in range.

Suffering indiscretions.

Long as we all shall find

hedonist to our masters.

Taking my hands away.

So, this is how it all ends.



one thing I could do,

one thing I would do,

one thing I will do

to make it all

a little better.

One small thing


another tiny thing


Opening like a Day Lily

to the Sun

and maybe,

one day,

be a tree.


This is it.

I cannot hold back any longer.

I have never cared so much.

I was always a seventh sibling.

First born of the last.

Taken from light

to withered virtue.

Chasing away the sin.

Carving myself distorted statues.




One day I saw something;

I could swear,

it wasn’t there before,

but it looked old,

weathered and ancient.

How could this have been here

the whole time?

I must have been blind



I know some part of me

does remember.

Suppression describes a fire;

bones and ashes

where I once was.

Look for a rising bird.

All I see is a crow on a tree branch,

looking at me,

asking me if I am ready.

I think I just replied,

“I am.”


HG – 2019

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