Mottled green and black complexion,

sitting liquid in a bottle,

flowing free and no distraction;

open up and hold on to the swirl.



and turning,

and dancing,

and changing,

your colors.

Now amber,

now red,

and now,

pure cyan.


I know all this is a warning,

meant to dissuade the sharpest teeth

of witless, hungry, shallow hunters

who would seek to keep and eat you.

I can’t seem to understand you,

free in form

and free in thinking.


I gave up my adaptations

once upon a time

and long ago.

Sweet appeasement baited me in.

The trap was sprung

with perfect unity.


I see you not getting eaten.

You fill every situation

with your arms

and your ink

and your mind

and your words

and all the spaces in between.


You and I are just reflections.

How we are

is each another.

I want to beg you

for every inch

of every tentacle around me.


Drag me down,

just hold me

allow me to be


as you are.


HG – 2019

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