A Hole In The Ice

Angling for

what I am missing.

Hunting for

my emptiness.

Break my pack

to fill the gaps

with whatever

I drag from the abyss,

or that I can stalk, now.


This might be

and admission,

my testament,

my confession.

A baring blade,


for a peaceful task.

Each letter is a cause for war.


Don’t speak,

don’t think;

you’re an atom bomb.

Don’t hide,

don’t lie;

make your impressions wrong.

So far,

we’ve waited here

in the cold.

Not even a bite.

Abandoned the Sun

for electric light.


Tracing it all

back to the beginning;

one thing at a time.

So humiliating,

each time I think

I have something on the line.


This kind of search,

this pursuit,

is dangerous.



with so

much superfluous



The holes

in us only become

spaces for the cold

to get in.

Gotta fill the gaps.


HG – 2018

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