Loiterers Will Be Prosecuted

Standing by,

ocean side,

watching for the tide,

something unsatisfied.

I was told as a  child,

patience is a virtue,

But they never told

that it could hurt you.

Patient waiting circles

back on you to take you

from behind a drag you

out of your mind,

thankful, now

that I can see

the tide is coming in

and I can begin again.


Time now to keep moving,

on in bigger figures.

Drawn with broader motions,

sticking to the scriptures.

On just unfolding,

like the perfect picture;

never finished in this

life, I’m just a fixture.

Time to go,

because waiting never got me



It’s my fault.

It’s all my fault.

I’ll take the blame.

I did my part

and I’m not moving,

moving on.

I’m just going,

to keep going,

like I should have all along.



Come now,

the ocean beckons

and every second

we waste here,

is just a fragile moment

that will break and torment

us forever.

We have no escape,

except to face the fear.

It isn’t easy,

but neither

is waiting on the grave.

I’ve already been saved,

but I’m not waiting on Him either.


I’m not wasting away

any more time

than I have remaining.

I’ve gone so far insane,

there’s no second place,

only the feeling

of not going  anywhere.


I can’t wait


Watch the waves

stop on the shore.

Not going to die



straight into the sky;


Smash into the Earth,

or the ocean

and make my waves.


It’s over, it’s

so long a way down.

I’m not hesitant.

Time to spread my arms

and jump.


isn’t it?


HG – 2018

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