Fade and Sallow

What do I need to know?

What are the secrets in you?

Approach you like I would a snake.

Cautious until I can see your coloring.


“Red touches black

friend of Jack.

Red touches yellow,

kill a fellow.”

I guess it’s something like that.


Not sure if it’s safe o touch you.

you could be a decent one.

You could have a heart of amber.

You could have a mouth of teeth;

sharp as needles,

dripping poison.


I might be an easy talk.

I might have a concealed weapon.

You might need to feel safe,

I might provide that illusion.


What I don’t know

about you,

could fill volumes.

What you don’t know

about me,

is estranging, too.

So hard for us

to meet in the middle.


but obviously,

there is something wrong with you;

something wrong with me.


I can see you smile,

does that mean you’re safe

to approach?

I’m asking again and again,

seldom do I get an answer,

only disappointed stares.

Another excuse,

fade and sallow.


Reach out and I touch your skin,

avoiding all the spikes and talons,

thorns and barbs and growths aplenty.

Touch you in your vulnerability.

You turn around to bite me.

I bite you in return

and now we are locked in forever.


What do I need to know,

before I taste your blood and venom?

What secrets are in you?

What is your concealed weapon?

Two are one in this embrace,

feeding on each other’s danger.

Even in this long intimate,

you are an enigma to me.


HG  – 2018

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