Day Breaker

With the dawn of every morning,


with no love for gravity,

or the Earth that holds you down.


the world the pleasure of your rest.


Time to add to the noise,

the flame,

the roar,

the movement of the world.

No holding close,

always reaching out

to touch

what was

just past your fingertips yesterday.


Let the world ask;

“Where are you going?”

instead of

“Where have your been?”

Let the miles

and the days

show plain upon you face.



and go again.


and onward

and higher.

Spread your arms out

on the mountain.

Don’t wait,

don’t mistake

the moments between breaths

as the time

you can rest,

there so much to be done.

The Blessed never have time to come

where they are not living

in every way.



under sky,

over ground,

in the time between

the then,

and the night,

is the now.

This present moment

is all you have,

have to act

no divine tomorrows.

All you have left is today;

go see where it takes you.


HG – 2018

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