The War

Once more into the endless night.

A strange wind howls

beneath a sky

not ours.

Guns blaze

and engines growl

and some wish they had stayed,

but most charge on.


On into the battle.


stretching mile

after mile,

after mile.

So many dead

as to choke

the great canal.

Enough blood

to slake the thirst

of every vengeful god.


We fight of instinct, now.

Our orders coming down

through our nervous systems.

Ancestral generals.

Genetic rank markers.

The objective is simple;


and fight

and die.


Most don’t care to see another year,

or month,

or day.

as long as they are fighting now.

“Coward” is synonymous

with “Suicide”.

All of us fight;

the men,

the women,

the young,

the old.

Under a sky

made black by a thousand burning cities.


We don’t see the Sun

and we do not care.

Only the war

and only then;


There is no surrender,

for there is no quarter

considered for the enemy.

To set down our arms

and yield to the darkness

would be tantamount

to a human genocide.


No one survives in the end.

Pick up your gear,

your weapon

and get moving.

One step

deeper into darkness,

we push back the enemy,

Gaining an inch of ground

and we are happy for it.

Every inch,

is a mile we retain

with blood

and sweat

and lives.


No one comes away unscathed.

Everyone to the front.

Every action

is a last stand.

In the smoke

and the noise

and the chaos,

there is clear purpose.

The only clean

and unsoiled thing

left in this world.


HG – 2018


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