Going Nuclear

Let me in.

Leave a door open

and a light on,

for I’ve been gone

a long time.

On my way

out in the shadows,

seeking life,

seeking anything.

Something familiar,

but just as alien

as you were

and I was

when we first mingled,

swimming in the night sky.


What did I ever do

to deserve you?

What did I ever say

that convinced you?

I’m only one breath away

from breathing without you,

 or breathing no more.


We watched the Sun

rise over the desert,

a bright, white,

endless nuclear fire.

Holding you close

in this illusion,

a way to escape

our homemade prisons.




pure and precious.

All white light,

brighter than day.

Wash away,

even my shadow,

burning away everything.

Back from when

we were not strangers,

I’ve been out

haunting the world.

Looking for

another way for us,

past what fate

holds in store.


When I get back,

never been thankful

like I am

when I see you.

We let our shadows

darken the doorway,

for a moment,

before my mind

wakes an explosion.


HG – 2018

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