Father of Lies

There’s no dope

for the illusionists of this world


No joke left for the Tricksters

and no way out

for the escape artists.

We’re all sealed up,

all sober minded,

straight laced

and held fast

to the strictures of the ceded lie.


There was a time before,

when deceit was the sole exception,

the simulation was inside

and we could work our way out,




How many times

did we ignore

the warnings?

How many times

did those wild and untamed madmen

beg us to look

and see and act,

but no;

we were enamoured

of our own devices.


Enamoured so,

that we didn’t see

that the lie was taking hold,

twisted in our minds,

just enough,

that when confronted with evidence,

we obfuscated,

 or all but approved of it.


In time,

the snake and chain

sunk its teeth in

and wrapped its links

around us.

Locked in,


and not even aware of it.


The world was good,

but there was evil in it

and now,

we must be

or at least try to be,

the good in the world.


The whole world, now

is a lie.

It’s what it is.

And those who speak Truth

and those who do work

and those who help,

in spite of the lie,

are never vanquished;

The Truth lives on,

made sanctified

against the fist of the almighty liar.


Chosen ones

speak light

in to the darkness.


trying their tricks,

their escapes,

their jokes;

they are truths, now

in this new tyranny,

but the illusionist,

the escape artist

and the comedian

suffer under it.


Divine science

and the proof

that we are real,

but the world is not;

it’s only a child’s game.

So we play,

Snakes and Ladders,

under a sky

lit with far off truths

and learn to speak

without a hint of a lie.


HG – 2018

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