Looking in

from the outside,

of the middle,

of the in-between.

The ocean,

the horizon,

the mountain,

the endless reams

of fire,

ice and iron,


of an epilogue.

This is over,

just beginning,

think its wonder,

or an inescapable



Hold on tight,

we’re gonna get down to

the essence of it, now.

That special place,

kept so well hidden,

never pointed out.

This is the end

of all your beginnings;

your execution, now.

Click to get your winnings,

but it’s just

another big let down.


I bet you thought

we were here

saving souls.

Turns out you’re gonna

have to save your own.

Run a million miles

and separate

from all that you have known

this is a holocaust

that never will see

the light of stars come close.


This is how space and time unfold.

This is reality exposed.

This is the world inside

the place you hide

your bruised and wounded soul.

This is the healing call,

the graceful fall,

the love you’re looking for.

Its been here the whole time

between your mind

and the immaculate unknown.


Set you free

only to find

that there are hunters

in the treeline.

Stay alive.

Stay alive.

Stay alive.

With all your might.

Stay alive.

It’s almost time.



























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