The Road

All paths lead to Hell,

some directly,

some take the scenic route.

There are pathways

that amble through fields

and follow slow creeks,

set on all sides

by love lines.

But slowly,


their pallor turns grey

and their beauty to ash,

and the road ends

in Hades.


There are high roads,

majestic roads,

that wind up amongst the spires

of the highest peaks.

They pass by wisdom and light

and area closest to the Sun,

but they end

in one precipitous drop

straight down,

all the way to the bottom,

into madness.


Hell is always open;

always accepting new residents.

The buzzing, neon sign on the gate

reads “Vacancy”

and has done so

for thousands of years.


It is the nexus.

All roads lead to Rome,

but if that is the case,

Rome is the ultimate jump-off Point.

If the paths to Hell

are paved with good intentions,

then it stands to reason,

so too,

are the paths out.


All roads from Hell

 lead somewhere Hell is not.

So if we find ourselves there,

we ought to get moving.


The path

through the underworld,

The Hero’s Journey,

is no accident.

For those that start

their journey in the dark,

in the smoke

and the fire,

there is hope.

Put the flames at your back

and face the darkness.


HG – 2018

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