Coffee With The Damned

Go ahead

and tell me again

of your last regret,

of your circumstances.

I don’t mind,

just get it off your chest.

Spit it out;

your whole life in a curse word.



how all you do

is complain

and not do anything

about it.

Watching you fracture your skull

against a wall,

like there is no way around it,

or through it.

This doesn’t get any easier.


I thought we were friends,

but it turns out

I’m just trapped in Hell

with you.

I wonder what

it will do to you

when I leave for good?

You see,

I’ve had a back-up plan

since I walked in here

with you.


My back’s against the wall

and I’m about to pop smoke

and disappear.

So, quickly,

in as few words as you can,

tell me;

what is your fucking problem?


You sit there,

open mouthed,

aghast that I have even

spoken at all.

I wonder for a second,

if I have miscalculated

my decision,

but then the tears come

and the truth follows.


One more step towards

both of us

walking out of here together.

Out of Hell.

I hate this place,

it reminds me of Home.


HG – 2018

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