Winter Dark

Calling Winter

back to me;

that falling snow,

that chilling cold

cuts to the bone,

but I am borne

of its bosom.

I was weaned

in its embrace.

Spilled blood,

mixed with snow and ice.


has the structure

of ice crystals.


It is the dark.

The splintered days

and the sweet silence

of falling show

that cools my head,

eases my burden,

even under the winter clothes.

It bites the eyes

and stings the nostrils,

adorns the windows

with latticework.

Frost and frigid,

the mornings come

clearer than any

in the Summertime,

as if the ice cold air

removes the distortions of the Sun.


Move in darkness.

Move in silence.

Only the sound

of frozen ground.

The utter stillness

is a panacea

for the ills

bred in the easy time.

Once completed,

that hearthside fire,

that tree of color,

tidings of joy.

Come inside,

take off your coat.

This is what we braved the darkness for.



the wind picks up

and drifts more snow

upon the world

and darkness knows

it has a home

called “Winter”.


HG – 2018

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