Shallow Water Blackout

When the spirit grips me,
seizes me like anger,
overcome by something
sinister and lovely.
Darker than a question,
too afraid to ask.
Just might get an answer
our of all this darkness.

What would you do
if you were powerful?
What if you could make
all your dreams come true?
What price would you pay
for retribution?
Would you beg
the ocean for a torrent;
one that sweeps
all your pain away?
If you could
would you dam the river,
just to keep yourself
from floating away?

There are times when the only way
to find out if you care
is to try to drown
every sorrow there.
you have to think you’ll drown,
before you learn to swim.
You’ll have to learn to lose
before you learn to win.

It isn’t enough
to think you know what’s right.
I’ll be holding you under
to see how hard you fight.
The darkness is oppressive
and no one can tell us why
we carry on in terror,
each day until we die.
Tearing at the page
to see what’s past the edge,
what’s on the other side.
Just questioning;
I know,
is dangerous for our kind.

But I can see you in the dark,
afraid and curious, too.
You think you’re like me,
wondering what you can do.
You don’t know what you’re capable of,
maybe that’s why,
we are all estranged.

HG – 2018

Photography by: Jocko Willink

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