Lost and Found


and lassitude

lives in my skin,


Escape the pain,

come down into


blessed rain,



Remember when

we would stand

and fight for days?

We had the strength of suns,

commanded galaxies.

We fell one by one;

fucking reality,

draws us down into

the drowning pool

of mediocrity.


I have lost

and I have gained

the whole world

and lost my soul,


I was aware

no one does compare

to standing on the top

and tasting the air.


Now I’ve consumed

my only trail;


unending fail.

Contrite in my

dismal countenance,

this morning,

I think I can prevail

over our Sun.


Looking to survive

one minute past


Fighting’s in my blood,

it shouldn’t have ever been

this way.

I let you down,

I let my demons follow me home.

Never had the strength

to face them

when I was alone.


Now I am awake.

Now I am aware.

Now I am alive.

Now I am here.

God help those why try

to say I belong here.

I’ll be rising up from the bottom.


HG – 2018

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