The Stars Beyond Time

I told her stories

and watched

as her eyes opened to stars,

beholding all at once

the beginning

and the middle

and the end

of all creation.


I showed her the world,

such as I knew it,

from the cliff-faced mountain valley,

to the unending river

and on until,

the deep, eternal ocean.


I whispered on to her

my fears and trepidations,

my weaknesses and unmastery,

and  unburdened myself,

for even a free man

serves a master.


I spoke to her of hope,

and loss,

and pain,

and blatant miscalculations.

Things that hurt me,

set me back

and caused me to doubt.


She listened,

as I wove together words

to explain my hopes,

my dreams,

my war plans

and maps for conquest.



but her eyes I knew beheld,

and her mind understood,

though she did not nod assent,

nor shake her hair out in laughter,

I knew she heard me.


I held her hand

and she held mine

in silence for a long while

and then I told her

how much I wanted her

to come with me.

I needed someone at my side

and I wanted no other.


She could be my Wife,

my Queen,

my Lover

and my Friend,

but her eyes,

they who had beheld

the stars beyond time,

they told me

that I would leave alone.


Deep sadness,

but a hopeful smile,

read to me

to say,

“I hope one day,

but not today.”


My hand held hers

for what seemed like forever,

until finally

my time came

to go.


I stood

and took a few steps to the doorway,

looking back,

to only find her eyes again,

but they were closed

and there were tears on her face.


I opened the door

and pure, while light poured in.

A mother’s love,

a father’s strength;


and eternally inviting

and I stepped through.



is the longest good-bye.


HG – 2018






-Photo By: Famous Amos Photography

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