You’re a Dreamer

What will they say

when you tell them

their problems

have all gone away?

Excised and debrided

and in their place.

Subversion through comfort,

a blissful state;

only half awake.


Repetition hypnotizes

over and over again.

Begging on their knees,

“Take away the pain!”

So, here we come

to remove you

from this condition.


Frozen in

this place,


afraid to move

and lose your place.

Let’s face it,

you wouldn’t know

what to do

if you were to lose

your puppet strings.


Check up time;

assess and use

a stronger twine,

or a sharper knife.

All this ease

is a lobotomy.

Embrace the pain;

it may never go away,

but at least you’ll know

you’re awake.


HG – 2018

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