Strange Fruit

Watching you

constantly worry,

constantly hurry,

scurrying to and fro,

woe for the fury.

Lost in a whirlwind

of your own consequence,

no consideration

for your deliverance.


Pushed down and sidled

with constant affectionate.

Cold and unwhole,

unconsoling deliberate.

Stripped of your soul,

no control of the obstinate,

consummate liar

in the fires of a testament.


You let your only sin

become your only strength.

You let them define you

by the rope from which you hang.

Swinging on the breeze,

turned each and every way.

What if I cut you loose,

free of your noose today?

Would you play?


Follow and chasing

the dogmas effacing,

creating a place

where delight is distaining.

Strip off the vestments

of prophets and yes-men.

We follow the profit,

we made our investments.


In rockets and science,

in cars and appliances,

reached for the sky

and then die in our silence.

Unreachable, teachable

moment so quiet,

when we realize

that there someone behind us.


It’s so very obvious

that you’re scared;

how did you get up there?

I don’t see a ladder,

or a chair.

If this isn’t a suicide,

it must be despair.

a love lost lingering

over what

was never there.


Fulfill your heart

until you start

to rise up

beside us.

No longer a part,

that light in

your eyes is

you cutting the cords

that restrained you.

Inflamed all the words

that contained you.


Be alive in this

moment as

it is.


your consciousness;

there’s no reason to worry,

my friend.

We all find our light

in the end.

So stifle your sorrows,

for even time bends

and bears strange fruit.



HG – 2018

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