Called Home

Draw me close.

Hold me.

Don’t let me float away

on a winsome breeze.

Cold and


I was unable to

keep me down.




in ways that led me wrong.

You came

and instantly,

I wanted to go home.

I was lost in the boundaries.


You pull,

I push.

You give,

I take.

An answer

to your question

is “Yes”

and “No”,

but never lies.


I am


without the wind.

Hold me,

shield me.

Even if I die,

I know I’ve lived.


Why do we


when we’re all  lost and gone?

There’s no place

better than this

to meet the great beyond.


Smiling eyes.

Dear God,

don’t let them fade.

More than me,

is what I need

and here I become one.

Home is a bridge.


HG – 2018

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