Breaking Ground

Tear at the ground.

Is it destruction,

or building?

Can there be one

creation without

the other one?


We make worlds.

We kill everything

and everyone,

just to plant the seeds

of oblivion.

Is that what you meant

by “Progression”?



hand in hand


enabling each other’s




Homo Sapiens.


Bridging the gap

between nightmares

and the waking day.

All born insane.


Cluster and clutter.

It’s better to coddle

the red, little devil

who’s perched on your shoulder.


Do you hear him?


Don’t listen.

Just know his position.

It seems when his voice

isn’t in our ear,

it’s coming out of our mouths.



flank the enemy.

It’s just a tragedy

laid out on front of me.

One more atrocity,

played out because of me.


Here I stand

before my fire,

my devastation.

Waiting for my next rebirth,

no hesitation.

I’d do it all again,

probably a little bit worse.

It all comes together,

from tearing at the Earth,

to lay a foundation.


HG – 2018

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