Push it all aside,

all the meaningless,


thoughts left in your mind.

Try to reach

beyond the feelings,

somewhere we will find

that even when

our bodies fail us,

we’ll still climb.


Never known what to say.

I’ve wasted

a million words,

then moved to action anyway.

Plain as the day;

I tried and failed,

made every mistake,

but maybe that’s okay.



we find no monsters

in the dark,

so we make up their names

and put on their face.



was never the first option,

would rather sit

beside the ocean

and watch the tide

come in,

to take us away.


You and I together;

drifting in an endless


staring up at the universe.


I was not

supposed to go,

but I went

and kept you close.

Now here we are;

under the stars,

we’ve strayed away,

we’ve come so far.


I’m reaching out,

into the sky,

in hopes that we

aren’t left behind..

The future’s come

and we are blind.

Somewhat deceived.

Somewhat resigned.


So up we’ll climb,

into the sky,

into the stars.

One day we’ll die

and we will leave

a legacy

of you and I.








HG – 2018

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