A Sentence of Life

Blood stains

the hands and features,

there’s no wringing out,

there’s no getting clean,

there is only one way out

of this




I say,

try breaking down the doors,

try every window,

if they hold,

then make your own.

Comfort and confuse,

that’s what Insane will tell you.


Trapped like an animal;

stupid creature.

The way out

is the way


The way out

is the way



How did you


get there in the

first place?

How did you

get trapped

in here,



Are they

just walls?

No windows,

no doors?

How did you

get in?

Through the ceiling?

Through the floor?


Here’s the fact,

that you can’t find;

you built these walls.

You are trapped

in your mind

and it is

not a prison.

You built it

to hide.

To protect you

from monsters

and some of

your kind.


Now ,

your fortress

is become

your tomb.

Your jailer,

the undertaker,

the traitor,

is you.


Free your mind,

one board at a time.

Add a door,

or learn how to fly.

It’s all you.

It’s all in your mind.


HG – 2018

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