Post Eulogy


Wrap me in a fine, white sheet.

Tightly, so I keep my bones.

Set me out  amongst the stars.

Speak my name as if I am

only a few words away.


I am in a million times,

I am in an every place.

Move through the world as if

I were still a being here.

Don’t change a single thing.

Life’s too short to live in fear.


I am somewhere else right now,

walking on eternal clouds.

Speaking to the stars aloud,

high and never coming down.


Mourn me for a shorter time

knowing that I am not gone,

only changed in time and space,

soon you too will come along.


So, do your best to live your life

and enjoy what time you have here.

I’m not going anywhere;

I’ll be waiting when you come, my Dear.


HG – 2018

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