I cannot forget

the way the moonlight

played upon your skin,

moving like a living creature.

Your soft eyes

gleaming as you smile,

fingers touching,

oh, so holy vision.


Skin white,

silver in the night time,

ghostly and ethereal,



Things that may have been

and things that never were.


The curvature

of your hips,

your breasts,

your neck,

captivating iridescence.

What spectre is this?

What have I done

to have you haunt me



How far insanity

has claimed my dreams,

that I would be awake

and see the ghosts

of love and regret?


Hair in my face

as you sit astride me,

breathing one and two

in constant unison.

Rivulets of sweat

bejewel our bodies.

Holding on and precious,

to fade away when day comes.


I cannot unwind you

from my experience.

Faces come and go

from my strange revenant.

Holding on to mist

is time in daydreams.


None of this is real,

ghosts are an echo,

not a voice

I’m hanging on to.

Disappearing with

the first light

of a new conversation.


Things that don’t exist

recede in shadows.

Memories all fade

and die by morning.

I still smell you,

but I can’t place the time.


let it slip away

as soon as I try to hold on.



whatever you were;

a spirit,

or a time passed on.

Either way,

you were lovely.


HG – 2018

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