It’s a trap,

meant to lure you in.

Soft speaking,

light and smile,

but not the kind

that shows

how sharp those incisors are.



behind the eyes.

Every motivation

like the rippling current.

Hold your hand

and drag you under.

There are some embraces

worth dying for.


Hold me down

like opiates,

like good,

old fashioned

tyrannical oppression.

Bury me

and dig me up again,

I don’t care if I’m

a little rotten,

I just want to watch the war.


Suffer through

another presentation

brought to you by

some vacuous deceptor.

Don’t lie to me,

just cut off your lips

and kiss the world good-bye.

You’re just wasting all my time.


Hanging on

to what I have left

of sanity,

is barely worth the pretend smile,

but I pride myself

on my appearance,

so I put on a hat,

whatever suits.


Just another peacock in the farmyard.

So pretty,

I’m a threat to no one.

Just strutting around,

pulling my dick out

and proselytizing madly.

Don’t you get the irony?


I never did either.

I find it is the lowest form of wit.

Unworthy of the heartbeats.

































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